Back to School Stationary Haul 2015

I know I’ve already written a back to school blog similar to this one in which I put together a list of items I needed before I started college and tips for others out there who were planning to do the same, but today I finally stopped procrastinating and finished back to school shopping once and for all. Oh, how good it feels to finally be able to say that. It’s only taken me two and a half months!

Although usually you’d find a lot of the items in my stationary list as novelty items, there are a lot more here than in previous years for the simple reason that finding novelty items this year was hard. I’m also starting college so a lot of the novelty stationary isn’t big enough or practical enough.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to it…

Notice Board – Wilkinson’s, £2

This notice board is an A4 size rather than the usual A5 size people usually own, but with a small bedroom I thought anything larger would clutter up my bedroom walls. I haven’t even bothered to hang this one up as it looks fine rested up against the wall, and saves hammering a nail into it. I love this.


The black and green pukka pad (£1.99 in Tesco’s) was the first item I owned college wise and has been used on my induction days to take down notes. I’ll probably use it in future in connection with my planner (£1, poundland) to write down longer coursework requirements and assignments.

I went completely against my advice in a previous blog post with this item, which I bought from a stationary shop for £4.79. Although it’s expensive it’s perfect for what I need (note taking in classes) and I don’t think I did too bad considering these are almost £3 more expensive in Tesco’s.

As I’m taking two classes in college (health and social care and maths) I thought I’d buy two refill pads (£1 each, poundland). I used one last year for GCSE revision and found it really useful to aid the way I revise. Seeing pages filled with work also spurred me on, which I’m hoping will continue this year through low-motivational periods.

These were two of the hardest things to find – graph paper (£1.50) and square paper (99p, value house). I plan to use these for maths and revision from home when going over topics to improve my knowledge.


This pukka pad set was an absolute steal in the Sainsbury’s sale, down from £4.50 to £1.50. It includes a refill pad, dividers and a lever arch file, which is the perfect size to keep all of my health and social care coursework and assignments in. This is probably my favourite purchase.

Another folder, purple this time, was another Sainsbury’s bargain. It’s just a normal folder this time, but it was a bargain at 30p. I’m planning to use this for my maths work.

Plastic Wallets – Wilkinson’s, 25 for 75p

This was a luxury buy, really. I’ve always wanted some strong, nice-feeling plastic wallets and I’d heard that the ones in Wilkinson’s were just that. At 75p they were a steal and I couldn’t leave them behind. I’m so excited to display my assignments in these.

Index Cards – 2 for £1, poundland

These are like flash cards and are perfect for exams, especially those you have to memorize things for. I made my own for my GCSE’s and obviously my results reflect the fact that these didn’t work too well, but I’m hoping they’ll be more useful this year. Buying them also means I haven’t wasted hours of my time if they’re not a good technique after all, and if they are there’s so many there they’ll probably last me the year.

Casio Calculator – Tesco’s, £5.50

These are normally £10, so I got a really good bargain with this. I had one in school before I gave it to my little brother and it lasted me five years, so I’m hoping I can pass this one on to my little sister once I’ve passed my own GCSE (hopefully this year). These are definitely worth their money.


These are just basic writing pens. The cartridge pen on the right cost 99p in a value shop, and the paper chase pens cost £1.50 in the Tesco’s sale. I tend to shift between the pens I’ll use throughout the year and buy accordingly, so I just brought enough to start me off for a while.

Coloured Writing Pens

These were £1 in poundland. I used a pack of these during exam period because I find colour coding a lot easier to use when revising. They seem to last well, too, and I still use many of the old packets now.

Coloured pens and pencils

The coloured pencils were £3.20 and the pens were £2.50. Although there are often cheaper options out there I find these usually pay for themselves as they’re more likely to last the year and beyond, and they’re good quality.

Sharpeners and Rubbers

This is where I’ve kept the novelty stationary part of me happy. The crayons (50p) and animals (20p) were from Wilkinson’s. The novelty sharpeners were £1 from poundland, and the mushroom rubber with mini mushrooms inside was £1.49 from the stationary shop.

Pencil Case

This was probably the worst part of back to school shopping for me. I wanted a novelty pencil case and spent hours searching shops and online but I couldn’t find one that I liked within my price range. In the end I went for this simple, square see-through case from my local stationary shop for £1.99.

So, that’s everything I’ve brought for this year. There are things that I haven’t pictured that I plan to reuse from previous years, but I do love my stationary and this is my first year back in mainstream education so I might’ve gone slightly over the top. Even so, I’m really happy with my purchases.

What’s your favourite stationary item that you’ve brought for your next year at school or college? Do you prefer the serious, sophisticated kind of stationary or do you like to let your wild side out and delve into novelty items? I’d love to hear your answers in the comments!

Until next week,


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