That Time I Ruined My Hair Completely

As some of you may be aware from my previous post about hair bleaching disasters, my hair is never safe from my impulsive thoughts. And, even though I’d said that I wouldn’t dare dye my hair for another year after so many incidents in order to restore the damage I’d done to it over time, I just couldn’t help myself.

In one epic, spontaneous weekend I bleached my hair three times in total and then dyed colour over that. Because my hair is obviously so invincible, right?

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I got through the first bleaching session with minimal damage, probably due to the coconut oil I’d slapped generously onto my hair the night before. I could’ve let it there, really; there were a few brassy parts, but for the most part it was the blonde I needed to dye it successfully. Still, seeing as I hadn’t achieved a completely even coverage with my blue hair previously, I thought I’d push the boat out and try and achieve that this time.

That’s where the mistakes start happening.

As I had a lot of brassy sections at the back of my hair that I couldn’t quite reach myself, I asked my twelve-year-old sister to lend a hand. Bearing in mind that she’d never even touched bleach (hair or otherwise) before, it’s no surprise that she did an awful job, damaging my hair further instead of actually correcting the brassiness.

I chose to sleep on this overnight just to see if it looked any better in the morning, but I still wasn’t pleased. At this point it was looking obviously damaged, but I pushed on. As someone who is known by literally everyone as a perfectionist, there was no way I could leave something as important as my hair half-finished.

So I continued, bleaching it a third time and still, not completely happy but finally seeing sense and knowing I couldn’t bleach it again without turning bald, stopped. Still, I think the state you’d see my hair in today is something you’d see in a hairdressers advert about the dangers of bleaching and dying your hair at home. Whoops!

I think this time I’ve finally learnt my lesson and gained a greater understanding of the limitations of how far you can push your hair before it gives up on you. Thankfully I did this at a time when natural-into-coloured-hair is kind of in fashion, so growing back my hair without damaging the healthy stuff shouldn’t be too difficult.

I think it’s fair to say this experience has definitely taught me a lot more than I previously knew about hair care, as well as making my previous post look like child’s play. To further empathize my point, I’ll leave you with images of what my hair looked like moments after I dyed my hair, and now, three months on, to show just how bad it really is.

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  1. OMG! I’m sorry you went through this ordeal, but thankfully you can share your story with others. I had a friend that did the same thing years ago. It took her over a year to get her hair back to normal.

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