August Overview: Back-to-School Season

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August was a pretty tame month, if I’m being completely honest. I spent most of it catching up on television shows and sorting out my sleeping schedule for college. The sleeping side of things didn’t really go to plan but at least I tried, right?

Compared to previous months, I’ve also read a lot more than I usually would. My goal is to have read 50 books by the end of this year, and I’m still eighteen away. I really need to step my game up in the last four months of the year. That should be interesting, trying to handle with college starting back up again. I’m not really one for making things easy for myself, it would seem.

What I Read

what becomes of us


This was the first book I read this month, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It focuses on main character Maria, who returns to Ireland with her six-year-old daughter, at a time when Ireland is preparing to celebrate the 1916 Easter Rising. A feminist must-read, this story focuses on the strength of woman and what happens when people come together.

I wrote about my love for historical fiction on Instagram while reading this book. I really enjoyed this book because of the author’s power to teach people about an important event in Irish history through the eyes of a fictional character. As someone who had never heard of this event before, it was great to learn something new through a hobby I use to unwind.


This book was based on the Monson cult, although I didn’t know that at the time or reading. It focuses on main character Evie Boyd, and explains how she was brainwashed into thinking the cult had her best interests at heart.

I initially picked up this book with very little knowledge about its background for a blogger book chat, although my time keeping is so bad I missed it. On the whole, I enjoyed the book and the premise, though I did find the constant moving between current and past Evie confusing at times. If you’re interested in society and cults, though, this could be the read for you!


This is an autobiography about seven male YouTubers who are collectively known as The Sidemen. I don’t usually buy into the YouTuber book phenomenon, but I’ve been watching them for about two-years now, so I figured pre-ordering the book was justified. I actually read this book for the first time last October, but decided to pick it up again after listening to the audio book.

What I Watched


“In a future with a strict one-child policy, six septuplets must avoid government detection while searching for their missing sister.”

This is a Netflix Original Film that changed my mind about Netflix originals forever. I’ve been really disappointed in what they’ve produced before, but you could tell the writer of this project loved what he was writing about and had a lot of impact in the way in turned out. With drama from start-to-finish and plot points which had me on the edge of my seat, I’d be willing to say this is the best film I’ve watched all year. I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes futuristic or action films.


It took me a lot longer than I’d like to admit before I gave in and started watching this series. I thought about it back when it was being shown on TV, but I didn’t know if it was for me. I thought it might be for older audiences, or for fans of sitcom like comedy, but it was anything but. As someone obsessed with history, and who hopes for a career in the health sector, it’s been really eye-opening. It’s crazy to think how far medical advances have happened in the last century.


The season 4 finale of The Night Shift aired this month, and with no confirmed plans for a fifth series, I have no idea if I’ll ever get my fix again. Honestly, I know seeing this is my monthly overviews is probably not very interesting for you guys, but I’m obsessed. It sounds like a weird comparison, but I love this show for similar reasons that I love The Walking Dead—the characters. I love it when writers develop characters based on what would realistically happen in real life.


Again, this is something I’ve included in previous overviews, but I am making progress with this series. I’m really enjoying it, but I’m limited to watching it on days where I’m not overwhelmed with anxiety so I can really take in all the information. I’m going to be super busy with college now, but it’s not totally out of the question that I’ll have finished this by next month’s round up.

What I Listened To

spotify playlist

One of my favourite songs at the start of this month was Secret For The Mad by Dodie. Later in the month, I became obsessed with Dua Lipa. I’ve loved her music for a while, but I couldn’t stop blaring her album on repeat last month. Anyone else?

If you want to hear more of the music I was loving last month, click here to be taken to my Spotify playlist.

Monthly Going’s On

  • I met up with my best friend to celebrate results day. I hadn’t seen my best friend for a while met up with friendat this point, and video chatting just isn’t the same as meeting up in person. So, when we had time to meet up in August, we both took full advantage of it. We enjoyed an hour chatting in a coffee shop before heading up to college to collect her maths results. I can’t tell you how proud I am that she finally received the C in maths she has been working towards for the longest time. I was beaming with pride at the time, and I’m so happy for her that she no longer has this hanging over her head.

  • I’ve started planning and scheduling blog posts. Something I realised this month is that I would have no chance of keeping up with blog posts if I was doing everything on the day I released them. I tried it last year, and there were many occasions where I failed at it. I think the exhaustion that comes with college makes the temptation to skip a publish date so tempting. By doing this, I now know what I want to publish in September, and have already written up some of the posts! I’m hoping that this will continue into October, and so on, to make life a little easier while I’m at college.

What did you guys get up to in August? Did you read an amazing book, movie or series you think everyone should read or watch? Let me know in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “August Overview: Back-to-School Season

  1. It seems like you got a good mix of books and films! I read The Girls too but i ended up DNFing it because the pace was too slow and honestly I just got bored lol!

    Good luck with your reading goal 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I did think the pace was really slow at times. I think breaking it up like the author did made it less effective than it would’ve been without it, if that makes sense? I’m really bad at DNFing books, but I definitely came close with that book a few times!
      Thank you!

    1. Thank you! It’s great to hear others are reading more recently, too! Autumn seems like the perfect time for it, doesn’t it?
      That’s really interesting. I think some posts come to me great when I try and schedule them, but with others, knowing I have extra time to produce them means I re-write them so many times and the post doesn’t actually end because I’m working so hard on making it perfect. I think I need to experiment a lot more with this before I find a balance that works for me.

    1. Thank you, I definitely hope so. College assignments start piling in now that I’m back at college, so I’m hoping they don’t start to take over to the point where I don’t have time to enjoy myself anymore!

  2. Oooh I have What Happened to Monday on my Netflix list, thought it sounded pretty good so you might have convinced me to give it a try! I can’t remember much of August to be honest… Nothing much must have happened haha! xxx

    1. It is SO good. One of the best films I’ve ever watched on Netflix by far. I don’t usually think much of Netflix originals in general, but this was something else. It’s been in production for over ten years and you can definitely tell! I hope you enjoy it.
      Na, that’s fair enough! To be fair I found it difficult to think of some of the stuff that happened. It was a very chilled out month for me, haha!

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