Autism and Change

For autistic people, change can be incredibly unnerving and stressful. That isn’t to say that neurotypical people don’t have problems with stress, too, but from what I understand, it’s on a completely different level for autistic people.

Autism and Special Interests

A week or so ago, I ended up discussing an old special interest with my dad—history. I’d completely forgotten this was a thing, even though it’s probably the longest standing special interest I’ve had to date, until my dad reminded me how much I used to throw information about complex subjects at people like it […]

My Reading Preferences

If you hadn’t noticed from my last blog post, I’ve been really into reading lately, so when I saw this tag going around, and saw the questions involved, I knew I wanted to get involved. With that said, I can’t go on with the tag without taking a moment to thank My Bookish Life for […]