Autism and Special Interests

A week or so ago, I ended up discussing an old special interest with my dad—history. I’d completely forgotten this was a thing, even though it’s probably the longest standing special interest I’ve had to date, until my dad reminded me how much I used to throw information about complex subjects at people like it […]

Hair Bleaching Disasters

Although it isn’t something I’ve spoken about on this blog, I’m extremely passionate and overly experimental when it comes to changing my hair. I first dyed it when I was twelve, and haven’t stopped since. In that time, I’ve done everything, from natural hair colours to the most-out there you could possibly go. With naturally […]

Hair Care on a Budget

Who says that you should have to compromise on the products you use on your hair because you’re on a budget? Not me. As a teenager with no active income, I’ve tried and tested many inexpensive items, in the last year especially, and below are my favourite four products that I think others might benefit […]