Goodbye 2016!


After the eventfulness of the last twelve months, I’m sure I’m not the only one relieved that 2016 is officially behind us. In my personal life, these past twelve months have represented a roller coaster ride I’m glad to leave behind. However, there’s no point in dwelling on the negative emotions, so I thought I’d sit down instead to reflect upon some of the good memories and achievements I’ve created or succeeded in over the past twelve months instead.

The first six months of 2016 weren’t the most exciting, when it comes to achievements or things to remember. A lot of that time was spent working on assignments and revising for exams in order to pass my first year of college, which I managed to achieve by late June with a D*D* grade. Even though this was only a Level 2 course, I have now gone onto the Level 3 version, and the grade I received last year has given me the confidence I needed to reassure myself I’m capable of repeating last year’s success if I put my mind to it. In addition to passing my Level 2 course (in health and social care, if anyone was wondering), I also finally passed my GCSE maths exam, going from a grade E at the end of year 11 to a few marks off of a B the following year!

Admittedly, I didn’t do too much over the summer of 2016, either. I did continue with a psychology course I’ve been slowly completing over the past few years, and realized a few areas of psychology that I really want to focus on when I get the opportunity to. Mostly, though, I spent the summer recovering from what was an emotionally taxing first half of the year.

The last four months of 2016 were hectic, to say the least. Perhaps the biggest thing that happened during this time—the biggest thing to happen this year, possibly—was turning eighteen in September. Being viewed as an adult in the eyes of the law is something which has scared me since I was around eleven years old, so knowing that I no longer have that hanging over me is such a relief! I’m also relieved to know that nothing has really changed at all since becoming an ‘adult’, bar being able to buy alcohol, which is definitely a good thing! I also started my second of three years at college in September, meeting a lot of like-minded people and developing friendships with people I’d never met before.

October was a quiet month, but in November, I entered National Novel Writing Month for
the second year running, in which writers
from all around the world attempt to write 50,000 words in thirty days. I managed to write even more than that, beating my record from the previous year with a massive 100,753 words!

December was full of hanging out with friends—both new and old—and celebrating the festive period. It was a busy month in terms of assignments, so I didn’t do anything too out there, but the hard work paid off as I managed to finish college a few days early!

For me, 2016 was mainly a year of self-discovery, full of conflicting and confusing emotions as I grew to understand who I am as a person in greater detail. I’m still learning not to let other people’s opinions influence me too much because they aren’t me and they don’t know what or how much of something I can deal with. Although I don’t set new year’s resolutions because I’m rubbish at keeping to things and will only beat myself up when I fail them, this is definitely something I’m going to continue working on into 2017.

Happy New Year’s everyone! What’s been your favourite memory of 2016? Do you set new year’s resolutions that you want to share? Feel free to do so below; I’d love to know what they are!

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  1. Rebekah, that really isn’t a bad year and discovering yourself if you look at it right, is an adventure. Life is full of different adventures, and bumps in the road. Glad you got to vote, or at least were able to. 2017, should have an even better adventure for you.

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