How I Used Reddit To Instantly Increase My Blog Traffic

I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who has seen other bloggers talk about how much Reddit has done for them.  However, when I’d tried posting in blogging promotion threads myself, it hadn’t worked. I quickly made the assumption that it would However, it hadn’t worked for me when I tried posting in blog promotion threads, so I assumed it never would.

I guess the truth is that I never properly understood how Reddit worked. I’d always associated it with my younger, videogame-obsessed brother and his friends. Understandably, then, the thought of it bringing my blog any benefits was out of the question.

However, after I started to utilise Reddit for freelancing, I thought I’d see if I could do the same with my blog posts. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t expecting much when I posted my link among the other posts I saw. It’s fair to say I was shocked when I looked at my stats and saw that posting on two different threads had made my blog traffic explode. I hope the image below shows you that I’m not even exaggerating when I say that. No clickbait here!

how reddit increased my blog traffic

Even though I didn’t make the process of Reddit easy on myself, reflections upon my process made me realise how easy it would have been to change that. If I had taken a chance sooner, or taken advice from other bloggers, I would have, no doubt, started to see benefits sooner. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my advice to increase your blog traffic with Reddit fast.


This might seem obvious, but with some websites, you can post and promote without having to make an account. Unfortunately, this is not the case with reddit. Good news is that it doesn’t take much time to sign up, and once you have, you can start the journey towards building traffic straight away.


Don’t get me wrong; I’m the biggest advocate of not sticking yourself in a box when it comes to blogging. I think you should be able to write what you want, when you want. However, when it comes to reddit, it’s incredibly helpful to find threads where people will be interested enough in what you’ve written to click on the link.

reddit search bar

Think about the topic of the blog post you want to share, and search it into the search bar. This is easily found below your username on the right of the page, as demonstrated in the screenshot above.

For me, the blog post I chose to promote was about autism. Shock horror there, right?

All I did was search ‘autism’ in the search bar at the top of the screen, clicking on the first subreddit that came up. For those who don’t know, a subreddit is basically a thread full of posts from people within that community, or who are interested in a certain topic.

Please don’t find something that doesn’t relate to your blog post in the slightest, add a link post to the thread and leave. At best, you’ll be downvoted. At worst? You’ll be banned from the thread altogether, and most subreddits will not allow you to appeal to have your ban lifted later, even if you have learnt your lesson.


I’m adding this step in because it’s something I wish I’d done. As standard, you need to read the rules before you post anything to make sure self-promotion is allowed. However, you may also want to make sure the people you’re broadcasting your content towards are friendly.

By not completing this step myself, I didn’t realise that I’d accidentally posted my link in a thread full of people who wouldn’t like my content. It wasn’t that it was relevant, but my blog post was controversial, and these people tended to share a different opinion to the one I blogged about. Do you want to know what happened?

Let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant. Some of the comments I received went a step beyond constructive criticism—which I also received and welcomed. Don’t get me wrong, there were still positive comments, but it’s worth considering whether you can deal with the negative ones if you want to post something controversial.

Reddit community helped me build up my blog engagement and traffic

How getting involved with the reddit community helped increase genuine engagement on my blog. Blogging tips to achieve genuine, nice engagement on your blog, EVEN for beginner bloggers or bloggers who are just starting out!


After you’ve made sure the people you’re about to self-promote to aren’t going to rip you to shreds, it’s time to engage. Post comment replies if you know the answers to people’s problems or get involved in conversations. Sometimes this is a requirement before self-promoting in threads, and if not, it’s polite to act like you’re contributing to a thread for reasons other than your own gain. Leaving your link and ditching the thread when others are trying to have meaningful conversations with each other isn’t going to work well in the long run.


In some popular subreddits, there are several hundred posts a day, so you want to post something that will catch people’s eye. Think about something that would make you stop and think, “Oh, this could be useful/funny”. This will help ensure you’re getting the best possible reaction from other readers in the thread.

Create a catchy Reddit title to bring in engagement. Here's mine!

The screenshot above demonstrates an example of the first title I used on reddit. It left room for debate, and some not-so-nice comments as mentioned above, but it wasn’t all bad. There were people who supported what I had said in my blog post, so it was worth it, in my opinion.

Reddit thread picture 2

This is another thread I posted on Reddit. As you can see, it didn’t do as well, but the call to action worked. I got some genuine feedback on my blog post, and a conversation about things people loved about being autistic.

The latter was a far nicer experience in terms of the comments I received, too. Finding a smaller thread with less people in it is a good way of practising the steps in this guide without having to deal with the negative comments.


The best way to make sure traffic doesn’t disappear as soon as it arrives is to reply to comments others leave on your thread. This may bring the same people back several times to reply to your post, increasing the chance that they’ll share your post on other social media platforms. People on Reddit are also more likely to comment on posts that people have already commented on, so by replying, you’re adding to the contribution.

I think it’s worth adding that I’m not saying you should stick around if things turn nasty. If they become too much to cope with and start to affect you, you should step away. Your mental health comes before sending traffic to your blog. In fact, I stopped reading the comments on my first thread after the first day because of the way the comments had gone.


blog traffic

As you can see from the screenshot above, my traffic didn’t drop off after one day. This is different to Instagram and Twitter, where posts and scheduled tweets have a far shorter shelf life. Although it has dropped after an initial spike, it hasn’t gone completely back to what it did before. Honestly? I think the decrease has more to do with my lack of inactivity on Reddit in the last couple of days more than anything else.

The long shelf life associated with Reddit can be improved with things like a catchy title, and posting in a popular thread. This is because, if people like your content, they will upvote your link. That means the thread won’t disappear until people stop liking it, meaning you’ll have days–potentially weeks–of extra traffic to look forwards to.

Have you ever used Reddit to increase your blog traffic? What were the results? Are you going to try it now that I’ve given you these tips?

Thank you so much for reading, and until next time,


How to gain more blog traffic by using Reddit to find relevant readers. Blogging tips suitable for lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, writers, disability bloggers, and more! What are you waiting for? Check out Reddit NOW!

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An easy to follow guide to build your blog traffic EASILY. How to use Reddit to increase your blog traffic almost instantly. Tips for beginner bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, disability bloggers.

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45 thoughts on “How I Used Reddit To Instantly Increase My Blog Traffic

  1. I am just attempting to connect through reddit. I didn’t get the same surge you experienced, but by post was less contaversial! 😉 However, the long shelf life of a post is definitely a reason to keep using this platform. Great post, thanks!

    1. Good luck! I definitely think having something controversial gave me the boost I needed, but there’s no reason why a post that isn’t shouldn’t do well. Can you post an inspirational spin on your story? “From Rags to Riches: How I Became a Big Blogger” or something like that would do AMAZING on Reddit, I’m assuming. Obviously that only works if what you’re saying is true, haha! Yes, the long shelf life is definitely a plus. Such an attractive feature for the website, in my opinion.

  2. I came to reddit a bit late too, just started using it to try get more readers… any readers… a reader? Am working the angles you mention and holding thumbs…

  3. Thank you for this honest review of Reddit. I’ve been thinking of using it for a while but never got round to it.
    You have given me some really good advice so thank you.

  4. This is really informative and timely i just joined reddit yesterday. Thanks for the tips

  5. Very interesting info.. I’ve never thought of using reddit for blog traffic. I’m kind of struggling with which platform to put most of my effort in.. I will definitely consider adding reddit as well :).

    1. I’d say Reddit can be very hit and miss. The more controversial the post, the better! But it’s definitely worth giving it a go and seeing how it works.

  6. I had never even thought of reddit as a way of promoting blog posts ~ thanks for the great advice!

    1. I’d definitely recommend it. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you have, it can really work in your favour. Let me know how you get on!

  7. Such a brilliant post!! 🙌🏼 I’ve been using Reddit for the last few days and already seen a jump in my stats 😁 thank you so much for writing this lovely!xx

    Jade |

  8. I use Reddit for my posts but I learned the hard way about posting links to your own blog. I had someone posting nasty comments about me being a spammer and was kicked out of a sub. I have since been more active and haven’t had any trouble but I haven’t noticed a big jump in traffic…yet! Thanks for the info!

    1. Yeah, if all you do is post links to your own blog it isn’t go down very well, but if you do as you have been and become active as well as sharing your links, it’s more genuine. Keep at it and hopefully you’ll notice a jump in traffic soon.

      1. Yes, I started doing that and I don’t have any problems now. I have met a great community of people that understand what I live through with my chronic illness and that is more valuable that click rate and views.

        1. That’s great to hear! I found a similar thing with the autism groups I joined. It’s definitely great to feel like you have a sense of community, especially on somewhere like Reddit. I’m glad to hear it’s helped you.

  9. WOW! That spike in views is absolutely incredible. I’ve never ever considered Reddit. I literally know nothing about Reddit as it is haha. It sounds quite complicated and time consuming with having to make sure you’re posting in the right groups etc and tbh, I don’t think it’s something I’d have time for. But I’m sure your tips will help a LOT of people!

  10. I still do not understand the Reddit! Your post has helped me a lot, but obviously, I can not find a good subreddit for “blogging” and “make money online”. I’ve tried several times, but the best I’ve ever get is four likes.

    1. You need to be active within a community. I think that’s the biggest game changer, as if you aren’t, people aren’t likely to respond to your link posts. It could be seen as spamming, which will have people react unfavourably towards you.

      I’m getting into freelancing so I follow a lot of threads about making money on line. Have you tried r/digitalnomad, r/entrepreneur or r/shareyourblogpost?

    1. I’d definitely recommend it! It’s had varied success since, but I still get page views from my blog based on the couple of posts I posted back when I published this blog post, so it’s a long-term thing. I’m glad you found it helpful!

    1. I’d definitely recommend becoming active in the Reddit community before you go ahead and randomly post links as that’s frowned upon, but if you can do that then it’s a great resource for blogging. In fact, I’ve started using Reddit way more than I ever thought I would!

  11. I had a quick look into reddit, still couldn’t really understand the format. But I have since dabbled a bit and replied in a few threads. I think I need to look more into it for blogging – this post has given me the kick!

    1. It can definitely be difficult to get to grips with it at first, especially with their recently updated format, but it’s so worth it. I recommend taking an hour or so if you can to explore it and get to grips with it. Best of luck!

  12. Reddit can be so amazing! I had posted my article about Japanese language resources on a related sub and got hundreds of views! I think the key is finding a niche that isn’t too over-saturated — I’ve tried to post a few crochet patterns, but the traffic on those is so wild, it’s hard to get traction in the sea of 37498379 posts.

    1. I completely agree with you. If you strike lucky with the thread you post in, you can definitely strike it lucky as far as views are concerned. I can see how finding an over-saturated thread can be a bad thing, though; I’d never thought of that myself!

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