What I Love About Writing Novels

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my love for writing on this blog, hasn’t it? It was one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place, something I’ve only really mentioned once in a blog post you can read here.

For a little bit of backstory, I started writing fictional stories properly when I was around twelve years old. I remember being forced to write a story about football when I was eleven and in my final year of primary school and hating every second of it.

However, I did enjoy the thought of being able to create my own world’s and characters who did what I wanted, so I decided to write something that interested me. They started off as horror and science fiction short stories seven years ago, before developing into the contemporary fiction I write nowadays.

I guess you could say that writing is one of my fondest loves. For it to have been a huge part of my life for the last seven years it has to have been, right? And with that said, I thought I’d talk to you guys about some of my favourite things about writing fiction below.


Everyone’s lives are a little bit rubbish at times, aren’t they? For me, writing about the lives of people I have made up allows me to escape from my own problems for a while. That sounds really weird, but there’s something therapeutic about being able to fix the problems in a made-up character’s life when you can’t fix your own. I guess it’s a little bit like people who overload themselves with work when they’re not doing great so they don’t have time to think about their own issues.

Obviously, there are times when my motivation levels disappear completely, and my enjoyment for writing temporarily perishes. However, I like that I can back up my work, so I can come back to my hobby when I’m ready to.


Everyone needs an occasional pick-me-up to make them feel good about themselves, and we all have ways of getting that sense of achievement. For me, it’s writing. Whether it’s because I’ve finished a chapter or scene I’ve been struggling to write, or because I’ve finished a first draft of a novel, I love the sense of achievement I get after it. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been taking part in National Novel Writing Month these last few years, as the sense of achievement I get for reaching 50,000 words is something I look forward to.


I’m someone who loves to have both sides of an argument before deciding which side of the fence I stand on. This also allows me to be more open minded and accept where other people are coming from, even when I might not necessarily agree with them. Writing is unique in the way that you’re forced to think of an alternative point of view to make complex characters. What kind of story would it be if everyone agreed with everyone and there was no conflict, after all?



Okay, so I haven’t published anything… yet. However, I largely read books to find out more about something I know very little able, and I hope that my own books encourage others to do the same in future. It’s not uncommon for characters with a mental illness or autism to feature heavily in the novels I write, because I feel strongly that people need to know the reality of these more. It helps that I have personal experience with both, so I can put parts of my life into characters experiences. I’ve also featured characters with conditions I don’t have, too, which I think is fine provided you research them thoroughly beforehand.


This is probably the root of all the reasons I’ve mentioned above. Why would you engage in something for such a long time if you didn’t enjoy it? For me, it’s been seven years, and I’m finding out new things about my hobby every day. I personally get so much out of inventing new plots, settings and characters, and getting to really explore their lives as they come alive in my first drafts. I guess it’s my outlet, in the same way that others might binge Netflix shows, or go to the gym five times a week.

Are you a writer, too? Or do you have some other hobby you enjoy? Why not let me know why you enjoy it in the comments below?


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39 thoughts on “What I Love About Writing Novels

  1. Thanks for sharing. I find writing to be such an outlet for all kinds of thoughts and emotions. I would LOVE to be published one day!

    1. Thank you. I hope being a published author is somewhere in my future, too. Ive read up a lot about the traditional and self-publishing routes in the last few years but I still don’t know which has route I’d prefer. I hope you manage to get published one day, too!

  2. “There’s something therapeutic about being able to fix the problems in a made-up character’s life when you can’t fix your own.” I love this!! That alone is reason enough to write a novel!!! Thanks Rebekah

  3. There’s nothing quite like escaping into a world that you’ve created yourself. It’s what I love most about writing, although I’m sad to say I haven’t actually written any fiction in a short while, I keep finding myself thinking about it a lot. I think once you’re hooked on writing, you’re hooked!! I’ll get back to it soon 🙂

    Jamie-Leigh x

    1. There really isn’t, is There? I haven’t been writing much lately either, which is a shame, but the good thing about writing is you don’t lose your progress if you need to step away for a while. Have you ever considered taking part in NaNoWriMo? That’s been a great motivation for me in previous years.

        1. It’s where writers from all around the world attempt to write 50,000 words in the month of November. The website is NaNoWriMo.org if you’re interested.

  4. Keep up with your writing! I can’t imagine writing a novel, but I think that if you love it..do it!

  5. I like writing but would say I prefer to read more! Great post & keep enjoying writing!

  6. I love that you write because you enjoy it! I think too many people write to make money or think of it as a means to an end. Kudos for chasing your passion!

    1. Thank you! I think novel writing made me realise why I love writing so much, which enabled me to treat my blog like another hobby instead of solely looking for money through it. Not that I think that’s a bad thing, though! I think it’s awesome people can make money out of something I conailer a hobby by.

    1. Thank you. It’s probably bad to admit it, but I struggle a lot more to write a blog post than I do a novel, probably because I haven’t had as much practice. It’s definitely sone thing I’ve had to work myself up to over time.

  7. This is a lovely post. I’ve always written my posts for the reader but I think I should really try to enjoy writing the next one! Thank you for the idea 💚

    1. Thank you! I’d definitely give it a go. It’s nice to get feedback and opinions from others (I wouldn’t have started this blog otherwise) but letting go and being able to write something for yourself feels so Good!

  8. That perfectly described why I also love writing. Apart from the escape from reality, for me I love writing horror and dragging my readers kicking and screaming into my worlds tormenting them along the way. It felt amazing when I finished my first novella of the series. I wanted more and more, the series of six was finished but since my mind is constantly throwing ideas at me, almost all of them are written in the many notepads I have. So, now I have over a dozen stories waiting to be finished. I’m not complaining, I love it, I’ve always had an over active imagination and being able to get my vision onto paper so others can see and be a part of my world gives me a great feeling of accomplishment especially when I hear that I’ve scared them.

    1. Haha! Are writers who don’t even attempt to torment their characters in some way even writers? I’ve yet to meet one who doesn’t hope to ellicit strong enough yet, but your genre sounds awesome. Wow; I’m much the same in terms of unfinished works–I’ve got such a problem with finishing mine, as new ideas crop up and I want to write them all!

  9. I agree! Although I don’t write novels (i simply write about beauty lol) i do find writing to be therapeutic! Loved this post!

    1. I can imagine! Any type of writing that you enjoy is capable of being therapeutic, so I’m glad you’ve found your outlet. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  10. This is a great post!!! I love the reasons you provide. Understanding other people’s perspectives is a marvelous reason to write. Cheers!

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