How I Became a Blogger

Believe it or not, the decision to sit down and write a blog wasn’t something that happened overnight. It wasn’t something I took a few nights to prepare, either. In reality, it was something which took several years of deliberation before it got to the physical form you’re reading now.

It was a thought which remained in the back of my mind for a long period of time. It was one of those things I’d think up every once in a while, but I’d always lose interest again when I realized how much dedication it would require.

The very first time the thought crossed my mind was a good few years ago, when I was twelve or thirteen. There are parts of me that are glad I waited, and I definitely know I wouldn’t have been ready to write a blog back then, but I’m glad the thoughts were there because without them, this blog wouldn’t exist today.

Not so coincidentally, the thoughts came around the same time as my passion for writing grew, where it went from something I did just casually every now and again to something I was doing almost every day. One of my only regrets from that period of time is that I didn’t share the things I wrote with my family and friends from the very beginning, because it’s a lot harder to gain confidence when you’ve already been doing something for several years with the bare minimum.

I was really inspired to think about creating a blog of some kind this summer, when I became increasingly interested in reading what others had to say and the advice they had to give. It made me realize that’s the sort of thing I really wanted to have a go at, too.

There was a lot to consider, and the same worries I had before about the amount of creativity and dedication it would require resurfaced, but eventually I decided to take a leap of faith and voila! It was that risk I took that created the blog you’re reading now.

I can’t sit here and tell you that I’m the best blogger ever, especially now that college has started, but I’m genuinely enjoying the blog posts I do manage to get out. My updates might be sporadic at best (although I’m hoping this’ll change once I settle into a new routine), and I’m yet to find the direction I want this blog to go in completely, but I’m genuinely enjoying the journey and I hope you are, too.

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