5 Netflix Shows You Need To See 2016

If you talk to someone about Netflix, it’s likely they’ll understand what you’re talking about without you needing to explain it at all. Sometimes, there’s no better feeling than having a day on the sofa or in bed, binge-watching something on Netflix in order to relax. I also understand the pain, however, when you have no idea what you want to watch, and end up scrolling aimlessly through the options until you come across something that seems interesting enough.

With that thought in mind, I thought I’d take this opportunity to provide you with five of my favourite films, series and even a documentary that you need to watch. Add them to your list, or watch them straight away. I’d love to hear what you think of my recommendations in the comments below!

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Short Term 12 (film):

Short term 12 is an American film released in 2013 which focuses on a group facility short-term-12for teenagers in the care system. The name of this film comes from the fact that people are only supposed to remain in the facility for twelve months, although a lot of people have been there for longer. The storylines involve the problems that vulnerable teenagers face, as well as delving into the private lives of the people who work there.

One of the stars of this film is Brie Larson who plays Grace, a woman with a complicated past and who now works at the facility. This actress then went on to feature in the film ‘Room’ and consequently won a 2016 grammy for best actress.

I’ve watched this film several times since I found it two years ago and I can say for sure that it doesn’t get old. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a film which deals with realistic themes.

[EDIT:] This has since been taken down from Netflix. However, you can still find this in DVD form on Amazon for less than £6, here.

 X+Y (film): 

This film is about a male autistic person, who is first introduced in the film as a young boy xy_posterwith a special interest in maths. As he excels in this area, his mum enquires with a local secondary school who agree to privately tutor him, which is when he finds out about a worldwide competition which could help him to connect with others who share a love for his passion. However, he soon learns that this trip will leave him having to face the things he struggles with, at which point we witness his weary, nervous attitude to being around others and struggling to understand them.

It also features another character who suffers at the hands of his peers during this competition as he finds it harder to communicate with others and adapt to the social rules set out by a neurotypical society. This leads to him being isolated by the other members in the group, leading to self-esteem issues and other pressing issues which is an unfortunate reality for a lot of autistic people.

[EDIT:] This is, unfortunately, another title that Netflix has since decided to take down from it’s streaming service. However, you can also purchase this title from Amazon for less than £8 here. It’s well worth it, trust me!

3. Shadow Hunters, The Mortal Instruments (series)shadow-hunter

This is a series which is perfect for people who aren’t fans of full-on fantasy but are still
open for realistic scenes with elements of  fantasy in places. The first series centres around Clary Frey, who finds herself in a whirlwind when she discovers a world her mum kept from her. She discovers that she’s a shadow hunter and is a key part of a world on the brink of a war.

As well as the fantasy elements, it also deals with other issues such as falling in love with someone, learning that people are worth more than their looks and having an internal, teenage battle about whether to follow what peers tell you to do or believe in your own morals.

4. Bridegroom (documentary)

This documentary shows the harsh reality of what life can be like for those left behind bridgegroomwhen a family of the deceased refuse to accept that their loved one was gay. It follows the boyfriend of the man who died as he recites events that occurred in the weeks and months after his boyfriend’s death, as well as influence from the family who describe that the individual was so devastated that it almost leads him to do the unthinkable. It’s an important documentary which only highlights that, despite how far we have come with the LBGT acceptance in recent years, we still have a long way to go until someone’s sexual preferences no longer influence the way people act towards others.

5. Skins (series)

This is a show which deals with many of the common problems a teenager may face,
meaning the target audience is definitely aimed more towards teenagers. It follows three different sets of fictional teenagers in Bristol as they make their way through some of the most important years of their lives, skinsfacing troubles which range from mental health problems to social pressures, as well as drug and alcohol problems. It’s the variety provided and the fact that the show shakes up practically the entire cast every two series which keeps this show fresh, current and continues to surprise people, despite the six series that they have. They also have a seventh series which goes back and shows where some of the most popular characters are today, which is definitely a great end to what was a great series.

Do you have any other films, movies or documentaries you think should’ve been included in my list above? I’m always interested in adding things to my list, so be sure to comment your recommendations down below.

Thanks for reading, and until next time,


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10 thoughts on “5 Netflix Shows You Need To See 2016

  1. I love Orange is the New Black too. Thanks for these recommendations.

    I would also recommend the Netflix original series- Bloodline. I am totally hooked on it.

    If you like docs then The Central Park Five is really good- about 5 boys wrongfully convicted.

  2. This is a great list! I haven’t seen any of them but am always looking for something new! The whole family just finished Arrow which was awesome and have been trying to decide what’s next! Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

  3. These all sound like wonderful shows to watch on Netflix. I’m watching OITNB right now, but it’s nice to have other suggestions because I can only watch it in spades.

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean about OITNB; it can become too much if you watch too many episodes of it! Unfortunately I’m a binge watcher though; I just can’t help myself!

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