Disability in Mainstream Media

This blog post idea came to me after Casualty and Holby City, two of my favourite hospital-based dramas, decided to cast autistic characters in episodes of their shows. I also spoke with a few college friends about my opinion after both these episodes had aired and realized how much my opinion differed from others, so […]

How I Became a Blogger

Believe it or not, the decision to sit down and write a blog wasn’t something that happened overnight. It wasn’t something I took a few nights to prepare, either. In reality, it was something which took several years of deliberation before it got to the physical form you’re reading now.

Hair Bleaching Disasters

Although it isn’t something I’ve spoken about on this blog, I’m extremely passionate and overly experimental when it comes to changing my hair. I first dyed it when I was twelve, and haven’t stopped since. In that time, I’ve done everything, from natural hair colours to the most-out there you could possibly go. With naturally […]

Hair Care on a Budget

Who says that you should have to compromise on the products you use on your hair because you’re on a budget? Not me. As a teenager with no active income, I’ve tried and tested many inexpensive items, in the last year especially, and below are my favourite four products that I think others might benefit […]